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I decided that I would like to keep cavies in Summer 2001. It was evident for me that I would buy cavies from a breeder. I was dreaming of a red-white shorthair one. Before starting keeping cavies, I collected information extensively:

- allergy test: spending half an hour in the caviary of  István Siklósi
- about keeping cavies: books, internet, asking István Siklósi

With the help of breeders, I found a red-white cavy. I gave her the name Rézike (Rézike, because the only cavy I knew before, was a pink eyed white and belonged to a classmate in elementary school, and she was called Rézike). I did not want her to be alone, so I also chose another cavy. As I had only one name in mind, I called her after her colour ”Citrom” (= lemon)


Unfortunately, Rézike died with ovary cyst at the age of 3. Again, I did not want Citrom to be alone, so I bought Evetke, who is a purebred English crested.

According to the experiences of our vet, ovary cysts are less common with sows which had babies. I bought a purebred sow because if it is recommended for her to have a litter, then I didn’t want to produce mixes, of which there are enough already. And I could not stop from that point...


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