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It happened in August 2005, that the dog of a friend of ours noticed  two cavies running free in the garden of a nursery school. After 30 minutes  of chase, we managed to get them. It was a boar and a sow. The boar was adopted by my colleague, she called him Döme. The sow stayed with me, she  has become Abigél. She started having a very big tummy after few weeks, and in about two months after we captured her, she had 3 babies (1 boar and 2 sows), all of them are with their new owners already.


She is the foundation sow of the stud. As soon as she reached the  necessary age, I looked for a suitable mate for her. It was Balto from Old  Warrior. Unfortunately, she could not deliver this litter normally, because  when I put her back to Citrom, the two sows fought so fiercly, that she aborted on about the 50th day. Her second mate was Ares vom Grünen Tal, and  he became the father of my first planned litter. Two boars and a sow were born, unfortunately one boar died very shortly, the two surviving babies are a creme English Crested boar (he is Artur) and a dark eyed white English Shorthair (Amidala).


She is the great survivor. She had 3 operations: her left udder was removed due to a malignant tumour first, then a few months later a tumour was removed from her right udder, both operations were done by Dr. Gábor Fáncsi. She had her third operation in October 2005: she was neutered because of abnormal cell growth in her uterus. That was the unbelievable vituosity of Dr. Zsófia Demjén.


He is the second fiancé of Evetke. A few weeks after fullfilling his duties, he bacame sick, which was caused by a 4 mm big urinary stone. It was a real wonder, but he just pissed it out - it was not easy for him at all... The x-ray showed that he had another stone in his bladder, Dr. Zsófia Demjén operated him and removed it. Since that, he has been taking vitamin C a week each month, to avoid the formation of further stones.

The von Werne cavies:

Panna, Flörke, Sascha and Maximus arrived on 26. May 2006. (Maximus stay with a friend) from the caviary of Ms. Irene von Werne (Germany). I contacted Irene in an e-mail at the end of March, I wrote her I wanted to buy breeding animals from her. I was lucky enough: she had several pregnant sows that time. Already in a few hours ofter their birth, Irene sent me photos of the babies, so that I can chose which of them I would like to have. I thank her for her trust: I was the first she informed on the birth of the litters. I also thank István Siklósi for his help in translating the correspondence. Also, a big thank you to Sonja Ecker who received my animals from Germany, and kept them till we picked them up from her in Austria.


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